Thursday, August 26, 2010

"His heart remains here!"

The following comes from the Salesian News Agency:

On 23 August the journey involving Don Bosco`s relics in Querétaro in southern Mexico came to an end after visiting 19 different places.

The common feature everywhere the casket went was the number of faithful  who wanted to see, albeit briefly, the,  the relics of the Father of youth, and who wanted to pray before him.
The Casket will continue its journey through Mexico until 11 September, and is now in the region covered by Mexico-Guadalajara (MEG), the Salesian province and Mexico-Monterrey (MMO) which is the Sisters` province.

The first stop along this second part of the pilgrimage was in Celaya where many people spent the night praying and thanking God while waiting to venerate Don Bosco`s relics, which arrived at 4 a.m. Then, briefly, in Guanajuato State, the Casket came to Irapuato and thence to León.

In León there was a huge crowd. Civil Protection authorities estimated there to be around 60,000 people who filed past at the various points where the Casket stopped. Most were at the National San Juan Bosco Shrine, then the Metropolitan Cathedral in León and the Salesians` Don Bosco Boys Town.

The manifestation of faith and devotion of the people who “visited” Don Bosco made one think of the undeniable truth of something said by Fr Renato Ziggiotti, 5th  successor of Don Bosco, when he visited the city: “His body might be in Turin, but his heart is here in León!”.
At the moment the Casket is in Guadalajara where it will remain two days before proceeding through other parts of the country.

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